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In intensive Shrimp culture, high stocking density and improper feeding management significantly increases the burden on immune system 0f shrimp which leads to susceptibility of shrimp to diseases. Immunosuppression is one of the major reasons which hampers Shrimp production and ultimately leads to economic losses. So, it is important to build an efficient Antioxidant system which is crucial for an efficient Immune Response.

Vetoquinol India has launched a novel concept “Immun-C Aqua” to strengthen the immune system and to enhance the functioning of Hepatopancreas.

Immun-C Aqua is a unique product contains coated Ascorbic acid, B-Glucans and Bile acid which effectively activates the antioxidant system which is required for stronger immunity.

Immun-c is available as instant gel mixture powder, which is unique feature of this product, farmer has to add 4-5 times water in Immun C to prepare gel, this will help for efficient mixing of product in feed and increases the binding capacity of other ingredient to the feed. Farmer do not need to add additional gel in feed.

Immun-C Aqua