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On field diagnosis of Anemia

Anemia is silent killer for Livestock.
This  is generally ignored by Indian farmer due to non availability  of on the spot  field diagnosis. The cause of anemia can be due to various reasons like Malnutrition, Parasite infestation, Bacterial, Virus and Protozoan diseases.
Vetoquinol India has come out with on Spot field diagnosis for mitigating this risk.
It helps Vets, Para vets and farmers to identify the anemic animals and immediately treat them.
Vetoquinol's  sales executives have conducted over 27,070 Hb test on ruminants.
The test involves in taking drop of blood from ear vein of animal and after drying on Hb strip,  the blood level is matched with predefined color indicator.
The anemic ruminants are supplemented by aRBCe RAKKT for 10 days which helps in improving the Hemoglobin level.

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