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Fixotic Advance Spot On is effective for the prevention & control of ectoparasites i.e. Ticks, Fleas & chewing Lice in dogs. Easy application and fast absortion on pets skin. Effective till one month for one month and three months on fleas


Composition :

Fipronil  9.8% w/v                                          
S-Metoprene 8.8 % w/V

Directions for use

Preferably bath the pet 1 day before application of fixotic. The Fixotic Advance is appliy directly to the skin on the back (at three evently apaced spots) starting at the shoulder blades & ending at the base of the tail. Use as directed by veterinarian.


Available in  0.67 ml, 1.34 ml, 2.68ml &  4.02 ml